Homeless Ministry

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Helping those in need!

Our Homeless ministry entails the following:
1. Hand Up Ministry
2. Blessing Bags
3. Feeding the Spirit
4. Food not Bombs
5. Spirit Food Pantry

Bible Study


Current Bible Study

The Psalms (a book of praises and laments) ask the big question, "What shall we do because of who we discover God to be?"  Aspects of God's nature are found over and over again in the psalms.  This Bible study series will examine 10 psalms and will lead us closer to God as we discover more about the aspects of God's nature.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Group

Speaking to God and Listening to God's Voice

Pray with others from Harrisburg and around the world. We lift our voices to pray for our world, our nations, our churches, our friends and our families. We share our concerns and our praises in the mighty work of God.

Young Adult Ministry


Social interaction and faithful witnesses.

The Young Adult Ministry is a group for people 18-39 who meet to have fun and impact the community in positive ways.  We have a closed FB group where members are informed of important events and information discussed in the monthly meetings.  To join ...

Building Trustee

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Caring for our Facilities

Since 2000, Metropolitan Community Church of the Spirit has provided the community with all the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to keep them grounded. The trustees care for our facilities to eliminate risk management issues and ensure of safety of the building.

Social Ministry


Gathering for fun as a church family!

This ministry brings people together in an open and relaxed environment for various activities outside of Sunday worship.  We do everything from bowling, game nights, movie nights, crafts, potlucks, as well as other activities throughout the year. 

All are welcome to attend these events.  You do not need to be a member of our church to attend.  Please check our church website regularly for more events and information.  We hope to see you soon!

Usher and Altar Guild

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Preparing for Worship

People oriented ministries:

The Ushers will welcome, orient and provide information to new attendees, as well as provide a welcome packet. 

The Alter Guild members set up the altar with all that is needed for Holy Communion.